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Subjects, Topics & Types:
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- Geographic Region (Region, Period, Style & Artist)
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The Eleven Sculpture Analysis Topics:
- Subject
- Region
- Period
- Style
- Gilding, Incising or Inset Stones
- Comparables
- Set or Single
- Context & Inscriptions
- Condition
- Aesthetics
- Controversy

Technical Subjects:
- Medium
- Method
- Composition (Figurative, Decorative, Ritual)
- Assembly & Decoration
- Gold Application
- Finishing
- Others...

In the Himalayan Art field three dimensional objects made of metal are often referred to as 'bronzes,' 'sculpture,' or 'figures.' On the HAR website we do not use the term 'bronze' which technically refers to a specific combination of metals. Three dimensional metal figurative objects on HAR are referred to as sculpture only. If the medium is obvious then the work is catalogued as 'metal.' In some instances the object can be identified as being cast or created from gold or silver metal.

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